10 – 16 May 2020


Festival theme: The endless world of the Lied – from Beethoven to today

2020 is the first lustrum of the festival, in which we celebrate 250 year Lied (1770 – 2020) and Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday. Beethoven marks the beginning of the romantic art song. He was the pioneer in the transition from the strophic to the through-composed Lied. His contemporary, Schubert, gave the romantic art song its form and power.  Because of Schubert, the Lied became the ideal merge between poetry and music. This theme of ‘two united in one’ will be the constant focus during the master class.


The poetry of Goethe will be in centre of all activities in the festival of 2020. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) was the most important European in the German language, rightfully deserving the ‘Renaissance’ title ‘uomo universale’. Goethe is a timeless source of inspiration to many composers.


Master class

The master class takes place from Sunday 10th of May to Friday, 15th of May, with a presentation on Saturday, 16th of May to conclude this year’s program.



Elly Ameling

The Queen of the Lied, she needs no further introduction


Ann Murray

As a masterclass teacher she is in high demand. Since 2010 she is singing teacher at the Royal Academy of Music London.


Robert Holl

Robert Holl is famous for putting the text in the centre of attention during a recital. His vision on the art of song is rooted in his deep knowledge of poets and philosophy of the time.


Roger Vignoles

Listing Gerald Moore as his inspiration, the dedicated Vignoles hands over the torch of great accompanying to the next generations.


Graham Johnson

His recitals, his records, and the quantity of his publications about the lied are the proof of a life dedicated to the lied.


Waltraud Österreicher

Working with her, musicians learn to open up, enjoying the experience of open communication with each other and with the audience.


Frans Huijts

Grateful for the many years of inspiration by the late Deen Larsen of the Austrian Schubert-Institut, Huijts takes on the challenge to give his version of the poetry sessions Deen Larsen held in Baden-bei-Wien.



Registration and admission

The master class is meant for (pre)professional singer – pianist duos.


Application can be sent in by a PDF file of two pages.

Filename: lastname_singer_lastname_pianist.pdf.

  • Page 1: photos of singer and pianist, their names, dates of birth, voice type, nationality, place of residence, telephone number, download-link to a video  (wetransfer or Dropbox) with a performance of a German lied in an adequate picture and sound quality.
  • Page 2: Curriculum vitae of singer and pianist (max 300 words).


Applicants will be informed as soon as possible - but latest on the 15th of April 2020.


The application should be sent to masterclass@ilfz.nl before the 15th of March 2020.




  • Beethoven: 1 song with words by Goethe
  • Schubert: 3 songs with words by Goethe
  • 2 songs with words by Goethe from either Zumsteeg, Zelter, Reichardt or Loewe
  • 1 song with words by Goethe from any composer (can be earlier or later then Schubert)


Each song can only be chosen by one duo. So no duplications are allowed. After admission the applicant will get a weekly update by mail on the poems that have already been chosen.

In the master class the repertoire has to be sung by heart, scores will not be accepted.



Tuition fee and accommodation

The tuition fee for the master class is € 395,- per musician and has to be paid before the 1st of May 2020 in the account IBAN NL03 SNSB 0925 0975 43 of the Stichting Internationaal Lied Festival Zeist with the notion ‘Tuition fee masterclass’.


If the tuition fee has not been received by May 1st, the admission will be cancelled automatically.


Participants will be accommodated with host families from Saturday the 9th of May till Sunday the 17th of May 2020. Coffee, tea and lunch will be provided on master class days.


All participants of the master class receive a passe-partout for all the recitals of the festival.



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