In memoriam Rudolf Jansen

Twee mannen op het podium

Thursday, February 15, we received the sad news that Rudolf Jansen passed away on Monday, February 12. He was 84 years old. For over 55 years, he worked as a song pianist with well-known singers such as Elly Ameling, Robert Holl and many others. As a teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and during numerous master classes, he passed on his knowledge, skills and love for the song to future generations of singers and pianists. For Rudolf Jansen, not only the music counted but also the meaning of the notes that provided the text with an extra layer of meaning. Like no other, he could carry the singers and pianists with his playing. He said: 'You must not only follow the text but also know what the words mean, connect with different singers and ensure everything is balanced. You have to have an ear that can listen in the other direction. Good piano technique is a requirement to be able to translate those factors to your fingers at the same time.' And he undoubtedly possessed ears that listened the other way, as evidenced by the fame he built throughout his career.
In 2016, he and Robert Holl closed our first festival together. Their recital was unforgettable because of their musical and personal commitment to song that they knew how to convey to the audience. We wish his loved ones much strength in the sad period ahead and carry our memories of Rudolf Jansen with us.

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