Everyone sings. For themselves, for others or with others. Singing is the most direct way of making music. Songs – whether they are hundreds of years old, or composed today – most directly express human soul emotions. And that is why there is the International Song Festival Zeist: to keep the art of song accessible and developing.

The International Song Festival Zeist was first organised in 2016. In the years that followed, it grew into a leading event that attracts a large audience. In that short time, it has emerged as a unique platform for art song in the Netherlands, which has made enjoyment of classical songs and the passing on of knowledge and expertise its spearheads. Meanwhile, festival is among the top European song festivals.


The International Song Festival Zeist has quickly become a leading festival both nationally and internationally. It gives a stage to top national and international musicians and promising young talent. The festival focuses on classical singing and is open to a wide audience. By organising master classes and by establishing partnerships with amateur musicians and schools, the festival encourages talent development. Singing, the primal form of the art of music, is given the stage it deserves.

The International Song Festival Zeist is organised annually in May. Pianist Hans Eijsackers and baritone Henk Neven form the artistic leadership as a duo.